Overturning-proof Pet Food Rice Basin


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Product information :

Color: fish head bowl goldfish mouth heightening cat bowl orange

Applicable to: General

Material: ceramic

Usage suggestion:

1, ceramic heat conduction is fast, pay attention to anti-scalding;

2. Fragile products should be handled with care to avoid hitting hard objects. If they are damaged, please discard them.

Discard and scratch carefully;

3, can be used in microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, not directly used in open flames or ovens;

When in use, the situation of sudden cooling, sudden heating and high temperature difference should be avoided.

Size Information:

Applicable size: general

Dimensions: 196x121x149mm

Packing list:

Pet bowl *1

Additional information

Weight 0.92 kg
Dimensions 246 × 171 × 199 cm



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