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1. Durable material: The stainless steel bowl is strong and not fragile, and can be washed in the dishwasher. It is durable, hygienic and does not rust.

2. Adjustable angle: Just push the cat bowl into the 0/15 degree button, the reasonable height of the bowl can reduce the pressure on the cat’s neck, arthritis or back.

3. Removable design: The raised cat bowl is composed of a bracket and a single or double bowl, which is easy to install, disassemble, clean and adjust.

4. Anti-slip: The bottom includes a non-slip bottom to keep it fixed.

5. Suitable for pets: suitable for cats, dogs or other small animals.

Product information:

Project Type: Cat Bowl

Material: stainless steel, ABS base

Color: silver + dark gray base

Suitable for pets: cats and small dogs

Type: 1 (single bowl), 2 (double bowl)

Adjustable angle: 0° or 15°

Capacity: 0°(480ml/bowl), 15°(275ml/bowl)


1 (single bowl): about 141x141x87mm

2 (double bowl): about 291x141x87mm


Before use: It is easy to leave polishing powder stains during the stainless steel production process. After soaking in boiling water,

Add white vinegar or detergent to clean and dry.

When to use: For the health of your cat, please wash dishes frequently and change food and water. If you want to disassemble

For cat bowls, it is recommended to pour out the remaining water or food before disassembling it to prevent water or food from spilling out.

Maintenance method: After each use, use a sponge or soft cloth to clean and dry thoroughly to maintain the smoothness and hygiene of the stainless steel.

The package includes:

1x cat bowl

Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 100 cm

Single 2pcs, Single 3pcs, Double 2pcs, Double 3pcs, Double, Single


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