Women’s Tightening Vaginal Tightening Products


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Ingredients: talc powder, pearl layer powder. White Fan Powder. Borneol, Madura Mountain grass root and other herbs.

Shelf life: 3 years

Main body size: about 12cm long

Maximum noise: None


1. Help relax the vagina and recover the pleasure of newlyweds.

2. It can prevent fine army infection, remove bad secretion and odor, keep dry and comfortable, and lead a happy life.

3. Menstruation and postpartum uterine contraction and lochia can be eliminated quickly to promote metabolism.

4. To prevent and improve women’s classes.

5. Prevention of cross infection in couples’ sexual life.


1. Before taking a bath, wet 1/2 of the “Yu Jin Xiang”, slowly insert it into the deep vagina, gently massage it for 30 seconds, and then take a bath.

2. If there are cotton shavings inside, or discharged, it can be washed with warm water before sexual intercourse. If it is dry and clean, it can be tightened with lubricant.

3. Use the bad secretion once every 2 days for 3-7 consecutive times.

4. Regular health care, depending on personal needs, can be conducted once every 3-4 days.


1. Maternity and menstruation should stop using, do not take external products internally.

2. No use for unmarried girls.

3. If the vagina and uterus are ulcerated, they will feel tingling and burning, and can be washed with lotion or warm water before use.

4. Do not use it too long at a time, in case it is too tight and difficult to have sex.

5. If there is lumbar acid, it is due to uterine prolapse, which helps to shrink

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Vaginal tightening supplies*1

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